Yancey County’s hollers and valleys have forged a tradition of people looking after each other to ensure that everyone has enough.

That’s why we’ve named our monthly giving program Yancey Roots, to honor both the way our work is rooted in this community’s traditions of resilience and to honor the people rooted in these mountains who make our work possible.

Monthly givers are some of our most valued partners. 

Support that is steady and generous means that we can show up reliably for the people who depend on us. It ensures we can share an abundance fresh food with those who need it all season long. It means we can work with our neighbors season after season to grow food together. And it helps us sustain our community partnerships that are creating a better food system for all.

Become a member of Yancey Roots and we’ll:

  1. Send you a newsletter straight to your inbox each month with:
    • Stories from our programs
    • A garden check list for the month ahead with growing tips from our farmers
    • Recipes for cooking and preserving seasonal, local vegetables
  2. Invite you to an exclusive online monthly Q&A with local experts on food and sustainability, including Alex LaValliere of Green Mountain Plant Company, Gretchen Ferrell of Open Ridge Farm, Oliva Ramos of Soil Shine Farm and Ferments, Meredith and Jem Klein of Reverence Botanicals, Rachel Haimowitz of Healthy Plantet Homestead, Ali of Seven Seeds Farm, Felix Stith of Black Mountain Field & Forest, Rachel Kinard of Working Landscapes, and more.

We make your donation grow! The ways we will invest your contribution include: 

  • Supporting a network of community gardens in churches, senior centers, and neighborhoods throughout the county that donate food to build food security.
  • Teaching the next generation to grow food through our apprenticeships, internships, and weekly Work Together Days at our Blankenship garden.
  • Hosting weekly Harvest Share markets so that everyone has the choice to eat vegetables, even when their budgets are tight.