Yancey County’s hollers and valleys have forged a tradition of people looking after each other. 

That’s why we’ve named our monthly giving program Yancey Roots, to honor the people whose roots run deep in the Black Mountains, and whose generosity and resilience makes our work possible. 

Monthly givers are some of our most valued partners. 

Support that is steady and generous means that we show up reliably for the people who depend on us for fresh food. It means that we can work with kids and adults season after season to grow and share their own food; and helps us to sustain community partnerships that are creating a better food system. 

Become a member of Yancey Roots and as a thank you, we’ll send you seeds grown at Dig In! that are special to Yancey County so that you can grow a bit of home wherever you live. 

We make your donation grow! The ways we will invest your contribution include: 

  • Teaching kids how to plant, harvest, and share food. 
  • Providing vegetables to Meals-on-Wheels recipients to ensure our elders have fresh produce grown by neighbors during the season. 
  • Hosting weekly share markets so that everyone has the choice to eat vegetables, even when their budgets are tight.