These beliefs guide how we work:

  • Everyone deserves to eat fresh, nutritious, and delicious food as a right not a privilege. That’s why we raise a garden together so we can offer our best food when neighbors need it.
  • There’s enough for everyone when we all share.
  • A project tending to a need in our community must be led by those who are affected: Nothing about us, without us, is for us.*

We grow a garden for everyone — there is no test for who deserves fresh, nutritious food.

Our garden is a “family garden,” we tend everything together rather than keeping individual plots.  We deliver the best of the harvest to places where food is being shared in our community.

We build our work to ensure that anyone can contribute their talent and resources.

Sharing the work allows us to use the resources in our community efficiently. Diverse investments by many people gives us the power to confront challenges and meet needs that arise from year to year.

We create processes so that people in our community determine how we work together.

We listen, ask questions, provide support, test ideas, pilot methods, check in with people, ask more questions, and revise what we’ve tried with people who are benefiting from and contributing to Dig In!  We’re doing the work of building the capacity and power of those on the front lines whose needs make them the best people to create community solutions.

*Artist Ricardo Levins Morales attributes this slogan to the struggle of people with disabilities in South Africa