Work Together Days

Join us in the Dig In gardens where we grow and learn together. Work Together Days are when volunteers tend the garden, learn by working alongside each other, and connect with neighbors and new friends. Every age and skill level are welcome!

We host a weekly Work Together Day at our garden on Blankenship Creek from April through October and at the Seed of Hope sister garden in Burnsville May through October. We also host garden gatherings at different sites throughout the year. We ask folks to sign up before they show up so that we can be prepared to host Work Together Days.

Does your school, church, business, or community group want to volunteer in a beautiful setting and make a direct impact from your service? We would love to host your group to work and learn in the garden together. Contact us to learn more about opportunities for groups at Dig In!

Harvest Tables

Harvest Tables are events hosted by Dig In where fresh food from our garden and others’ is shared and received without exchanging money.

What happens at Harvest Tables is very simple:

  • take what you need, leave enough for your neighbor
  • share what you can, there’s enough for everybody

Gardeners and farmers are invited to share the abundance from their fields at Harvest Tables. If you wish to share what you’ve grown, please be in touch.

Harvest Share events

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the set-up looked like a simple walk-up vegetable stand. Since the 2020 season, Harvest Tables have transformed into Harvest Share events in partnership with TRACTOR Food and Farms and Reconciliation House. Boxes of fresh produce from Dig In and other area farms are pre-packed with care by community volunteers, and folks coming through have opportunity to select extra veggies as available. This partnership has expanded the community offering of fresh, local food for all and has supported more than 25 local farmers.

We know how hard it is to grow food! Harvest Tables and Harvest Share events do not take the place of vegetable stands and farmer’s markets. We encourage everyone, whenever possible, to invest in the hard work of those in our community who grow food for their living.

Harvest Share and other Food For All events could not happen without the support of community volunteers who carefully package and distribute the food each week. Sign up below to volunteer with us.

Community Gatherings

We bring people together in the work and joy of growing, sharing, and eating food. From shelling beans to celebrating summer’s harvest, there’s always a reason to host a party at Dig In! Our annual Empty Bowls Supper in October is a community favorite, especially when we can gather together to share delicious soups, breads, and desserts from local cooks and attendees take home bowls crafted by local potters. We are keeping an eye on community health and safety as we plan our public gatherings for the coming season.

Support Dig In!

Everyone has a part to play in growing and sharing from the garden so that everyone has fresh, delicious food in our community. Here are just a few ways you can pitch in:

  • Connect: with us in the garden, where we share food with our community, and at our community gatherings.
  • Donate: financially support our efforts with a tax-deductible donation.