Many people engage with Dig In!

The people of Dig In! can interact with Dig In! in different ways at different times.

A food recipient can be a Harvest Table volunteer or work in the garden and be a Board member, all at the same time. A garden volunteer can be a committee member and help with event planning.  We welcome all in whatever capacity you offer!

  • Food recipients – people who can’t afford the cost or time investment of growing or buying fresh, locally and organically grown produce right now.
  • Board members – people who volunteer their skills and time to make decisions about Dig In!’s programs and finances
  • Staff – people who are paid to help Dig In! carry out its mission
  • Donors – people who donate money, equipment, land, or other goods to Dig In!
  • Volunteer workers – people who donate their time and skills to Dig In!
  • Partners – local organizations that we give produce to for distribution


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