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Dig In is collecting stories of food and gardens in our communities through the years. Now, more than ever, we want to keep the memories of our food traditions alive and share the knowledge of planting, harvesting, cooking, and preserving; favorite varieties and recipes; examples of plenty, generosity, and sharing between neighbors.

To participate:

Anyone is welcome to participate. The story you share will make up a picture of our local food landscape, showing that we have the knowledge and traditions right here in our communities to help provide for ourselves and each other. Pictures, text, and voice recordings are all welcome. They will be shared online and through other community outlets as a record of abundance and resilience in these mountains.

You can submit your story online (click below) or call (828) 419-0657 and leave your story in a message.

By submitting a story, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • You are at least 18 years old. (If you are under the age of 18, please submit your story with a parent or legal guardian.)
  • You are submitting only what is yours to share. Do not submit other people’s copyrighted material or information. (Important exception: If you are a parent or legal guardian submitting on behalf of your child, mention that in your submission.)
  • You are submitting only what you are comfortable with sharing publicly. Do not submit personal or other information that you would not want made public. Understand that if Dig In! shares your story publicly on social media sites, those operate independently of this organization and user commentary with which you disagree could be associated with your story. If selected, Dig In! will only post online your first name and last initial.
  • By making a submission, you are giving Dig In! permission to use it in whole or part in connection with this public storytelling initiative, as well as exhibitions, public programming, archival use, research, philanthropic-fundraising, publications, publicity, websites, and social media uses on Dig In! platforms and on those where Dig In! maintains a presence. At the end of the Project, the Contribution will be archived or disposed of according to then-applicable practices.
  • Do not submit files that contain anything harmful on them (e.g. computer viruses), or stories that are off-topic, partisan-political, or use expletives. You are solely responsible for your submission and any consequences of submitting it. Dig In! shall not be responsible or liable for any breach of these terms and conditions by you, claims by a third party that your submission violates the third party’s rights, or claims by you that a third party is misusing your submission.

Once you make a submission, Dig In! reviews it for compliance with these rules. The organization may, but is not obliged to, edit submissions for grammar, spelling, and/or insignificant profanity. We are under no obligation to keep, share, or in any way use any submission. We may also may contact you to request additional information about your story.

If you have questions about any aspect of these terms and conditions, you may contact Dig In! at or call (828) 419-0657.‬