People have been sharing from their gardens for generations in Yancey County. 

The Cherokee grew crops along the Cane River and shared the best of their harvest so that those who couldn’t tend a garden or hunt would eat well through the winter. This tradition, called gadugi, has been practiced ever since in Yancey County: we share from our gardens so that neighbors have good food to eat when times are tough. 

We care for you in these tough times. And we’ve witnessed you caring for each other. 

We know that many of us are experiencing financial hardships that require hard choices during the COVID-19 crisis. Our garden is your garden this season.

If you have what you need and a little more to share, your donation will be gratefully received. You can make a donation by clicking on the link or sending a check to:

Dig In! | PO BOX 1095 | Burnsville, NC 28714

By giving a monthly donation, you become a member of our Yancey Roots program that honors the mountain tradition we carry forward of growing and sharing food.

We are here for you, and grateful to do this work together. 

Our new website is a gift of Rick Ingram, a graduate of Mountain Heritage High School. Gifts of all kind make our work possible!

We’ll be telling stories in the spirit of gadugi and Yancey Roots on our website and social media accounts, highlighting the many ways people share their gifts and create abundance in gardens. We hope you’ll read along with us this season.