Dig In! partners with groups in Yancey County and the Appalachian region to build diverse and collaborative relationships.

These partnerships increase our effectiveness and capacity to grow and distribute food, as well as to teach and learn in the garden. Our collaborations are key to nurturing a resilient and ample local food system that is fair and just. Working with others broadens our outreach into the community and strengthens our organization.

We appreciate our partners

The folks who provide us space to grow

  • Warren and Larissa Bare lease Dig In! land on Blankenship Rd.
  • St. Thomas Episcopal Church of Burnsville generously donates office and administrative space

Food Pantries and Agencies that distribute Dig In! produce

Organizations that host Harvest Tables

  • Reconciliation House
  • MY Parish Tipton Hill Food Ministry
  • Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church
  • Newdale Presbyterian Church

Organizations that promote farming and local agriculture

Grassroots and Inter-Agency Networks

Dig In!’s partnerships include investors that make our work possible

  • Individual donors at our annual Empty Bowls Event every September
  • The Conservation Fund’s Resourceful Communities
  • Mountain Air Residents Community Fund
  • Yancey Fund and the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina
  • North Carolina Department of Commerce, Rural Division
  • Generous donations from people who believe in the work we do

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