Here We Grow!

Here We Grow! is our comprehensive campaign to establish Dig In! at our new site and help us plant the seeds for our future.

HERE—A New Place

As members of our community Dig In! is not interested in a here-today-gone-tomorrow approach to community food security. A successful campaign will allow Dig In! to transition our garden to our new site with minimal loss of service to our clients; address needed infrastructure; as well as provide a fair and just wage to the staff hired to plan, manage and implement our garden, programs and organizational affairs.

Immediate needs include purchasing plants, irrigation equipment, creating spaces for washing and storing produce, and acquiring tools to help us do the work well.

WE—Are Community

We build, grow, share and learn together in community. This campaign supports our efforts to pay our people good wages, support the folks of our community who share their skills and talents that make Dig In! grow, and strengthen the educational programs that are helping to create a more equitable and inclusive food system in Yancey County.

GROW—Seeds for Our Future

We are embracing transition to this new site as a time to grow into a larger, more stable organization. Support for the Here We Grow! campaign is also an investment in our long-term vision of Dig In! as a Home Place that provides fresh produce to people in need of food assistance, and a place to teach, inspire, and empower people in Yancey County to grow their own healthy foods.

Contact us at or (828) 536-0414 for more information about the Here We Grow! campaign and other ways you can join us in our mission.

Visit our Support Our Work page to learn how you can give to Dig In!

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