Thank you Dig In!

Olivia Sanders

What an incredible gift it has been to be a part of the Dig In! Community Garden team for three seasons! I couldn’t locate Burnsville on a map before I applied to this position, but the organization’s vision to share healthy food with everyone in the county compelled me to apply, interview, and move here. I had no idea what a wonderful community I was jumping into– I came for one summer and have stayed for nearly three years, if that shows you how much I liked it!

The generosity and compassion in this county astounds me. To the people of Dig In! and the wider Burnsville community, thank you for all the beautiful ways you share with each other, build, create, and celebrate together. From hand drawn maps to off-season work, from cameos in the paper to a scholarship for the trip of a lifetime to Cuba, your gifts have inspired me in their generosity and genuineness. I hope to be able to reciprocate all the kindness one day.

I want to thank Dig In! for all the work they are doing and will continue to do. I realized quickly that what we are growing at Dig In! is far more than vegetables. I have seen this group of dedicated people grow a community where people really care for each other. I have seen us build a garden from scratch that lives vibrantly as a world apart from the world at large, with gorgeous flowers, fluttering butterflies and bees, sweeping curved contour beds, and friendly people who are happy to see you every week. This place, this project have showed me what beautiful worlds are possible if we put our egos aside and collaborate together. I am so grateful to have served this garden and contributed in some small way to this important work.

Thank you for all for creating such a beautiful workplace, community, and culture and sharing it with me. All of this has been such a gift!


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