Autumn Reflections


First, second, and third frosts have now settled on the garden, and we feel the transition to winter blowing down the valley. Summer crops have been frost bitten and hauled to the compost bin. The garden is putting on its winter layers of mulch and cover crops. We’ll continue to harvest our few crops that don’t mind the chilly weather, but mostly our garden and gardeners will soon rest for the season.

As things settle down, we can’t help but reflect and be amazed at what has been accomplished in this first year of growing at Blankenship Creek. The pictures above were taken in early March, July, and late October, 2017 (from top to bottom); they reveal how our gardeners have moved mountains this season, transforming a bare pasture to a thriving community garden. This has been such an incredible journey to share with you all. The generous folks in this community have continued to support our work in so many ways: spending time at the garden, donating tools and supplies, attending our fundraisers, and so much more. We are so grateful to grow with you all.

During this time of rest we will reflect, plan, and prepare for the upcoming growing season. Keep abreast of these activities on this blog and our Facebook page. We hope you have a restful and joyful winter.

With gratitude,
Olivia (Field Manager) and Kathleen (ED & Garden Manager) 

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