Growing with you at Blankenship Creek

In the hustle and bustle of establishing a new garden this blog post was written but not shared. Our Field Manager, Olivia Sanders captures the anticipation of growing a new garden in a post she wrote in May, 2017. She’ll soon share our progress after many days working together in the gardens and farm we’ve cultivated since she penned this blog post. Thanks to all who keep us growing with your hands, hearts, treasure, and kind words of encouragement. 

May 2017
Olivia Sanders, Dig In! Field Manager

Spring is here and perhaps none of us are more delighted than the farmer. Shaking ourselves out of winter coats and revving the tractor from its slumber, we growers are ready to test out all of our wild, cabin-fever-inspired plans and start checking tasks off the list. And Dig In!’s growers are heeding the call– we have finally broken ground on our new site at Blankenship Creek Road! Flipping over the sod last week to find the rich, brown (rocky) potential of our new garden site has brought us much excitement, and we want to share it with you.

The Dig In! Garden is now located at 744 Blankenship Rd off of Prices Creek in Yancey County. Directions can be found on our website under “Connect.


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