Welcome Melina!

Melina Casados joins the Dig In! team as our summer intern sponsored by CTNC. She’s helping us to grow and share food, and is working on social media and communication campaigns for Dig In!

Dig In! was one of 16 organizations in North Carolina selected to host an intern through the Conservation Trust of North Carolina’s Diversity in Conservation Internship Program, which is partially funded by the AmeriCorps program. We received an overwhelming response from students from across the state wishing to increase their skills in growing food, creating just food systems, and learning within a hands-on model through this summer internship. Melina Casados rose to the top of those candidates and we welcomed her to the Dig In! team on June 2nd. Hailing from Lexington, NC, Melina is completing her final year at Elon University as a creative writing major. She is engaged in the world around her while excelling in her studies. This includes volunteerism with Campus Kitchen, an organization that grows a garden and provides food to food pantries near Elon; Melina also hosts a radio show on the college’s station. Her commitment to eating a vegan diet draws Melina to social, ecological, and health causes that include spending time at an animal rescue. Since arriving at Dig In!, Melina has worked diligently in the field to help us with everything and anything. She’s initiated a photography project, as well as a volunteer spotlight project that will be shared at the end of her time with us. Melina is bilingual in Spanish, a skill she’s used to create Spanish printed material for our programs and events.

Thanks to all who have helped us host Melina, including High Cove Community in Bakersville where she rents a room, and our volunteers who have welcomed and included her in the community. Be on the lookout for the many contributions Melina is making to Dig In!, including photography shared on our Facebook page.


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