Digging It Being a Girl Scout

-by Girl Scout Leader Amy Trobaugh

During the perfect evening weather of Monday, May 23, eight members of Junior Girl Scout Troop #12715 got down and dirty at Dig In! Yancey Community Garden.

First we toured the lush perennial plantings of Dig In! with Assistant Garden Manager Olivia Sanders. Olivia asked us to use all of our senses to investigate, then describe, the living world we explored. Then, we helped Garden Manager Kathleen Wood plant over 100 starts of “King of the North” bell peppers under black plastic. We learned about different types of mulches. We asked why we were putting crab shells into the soil. We punched plastic. We massaged roots. We tucked plants into bed. And along with David McCourry, Scouting Hannah’s brother, we gave the plants a shower. We had a blast!

Girl Scouts


Throughout 2015-16, our Scouts have been working diligently to earn their Bronze Award, the highest honor a Girl Scout Junior can earn. We have been discussing the issue of Food Insecurity in Yancey County — why it exists, who it affects, and most importantly, what we as Girl Scouts can do to alleviate hunger and educate others about how they can help others and themselves. Digging at Dig In! have been some of our most rewarding hours spent yet towards earning our Bronze Award!

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